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Impound Release Information

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Necessary Items to Retrieve Your Vehicle:

In order to retrieve your vehicle from impound, you will need to bring the following items with you:

- Proof of Ownership. Registration. The vehicle must be titled in your name in order for it to be released to you. A title with your signature is not valid and proof of registration will be required prior to release.

- Photo ID or Driver's License. 

- Cash only for impound releases. We do not accept other forms of payment on vehicles that have been impounded. 

Hours of Operation for Release

We are open for impound release from 9am to 5pm daily. We do require a one hour call ahead so that someone may meet you to release your vehicle. A fee will be assessed if you wish to pick up your vehicle after hours or on holidays. A two hour call ahead is required for those instances. 

Check for your Vehicle

Click on the following link to use your plate number to check if a vehicle is in our impound. Please note: this is not a guarantee that a vehicle is not impounded, as sometimes we do not immediately get plate information entered into the system. It should update within 24 hours of your vehicle being impounded.


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